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How to Choose the Best Optometrist for Your Family

Comprehensive eye care is vital not just for adults but for children as well. It is essential to get proper eye care if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses. With the advent of technology and smart devices, individuals are developing poor vision at an earlier age. It is essential to schedule eye appointments for the entire family. Here are ways to choose the best optometrist for your family. 

The Importance of UV Protection Sunglasses

Most people know that too much sun exposure without adequate protection accelerates the aging process and increases their risk of developing skin cancer. However, did you also know that UV exposure can also pose a risk to the health and condition of your eyes? This ultraviolet radiation may increase your natural levels of vitamin D and give you a great tan, but it also poses a risk to your health. Fortunately, there’s a fairly easy way to protect them – wearing UV protection sunglasses.

Tips From The Pros: Keep Your Eyewear Performing Their Best

To keep your car running it’s best, chances are, you’ve completed routine maintenance, such as regular oil changes, regular alignment and even new tires. Have you given the same attention to your eyewear? As an extension of your eyes and a major part of your appearance, it is important to protect that investment with proper care.

LASIK: Benefits, Cost, and Recovery

LASIK laser vision correction is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the United States. This procedure uses cutting-edge laser technology to reshape the surface of the eye so that light is refracted properly onto the retina, enabling the patient to see more clearly.

Cataracts: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments

Cataracts are cloudy forms that accumulate on the clear lens of the eye. Most cataracts develop slowly and may not affect vision at the early stages. People who have cataracts struggle to see through clouded vision with time. 

When Should Your Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

As a responsible parent, you want to make sure that your child is healthy and not developing eye problems. However, eye problems are extremely common. Studies show that as many as 10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children have vision problems that could be impacting their learning and development, both at home and at school.

Managing Dry Eyes in the Spring

Dry eye is one of the most common conditions that affect people during the spring season. If you are wondering why symptoms of this condition are affecting you during this season, part of the answer may be seasonal allergies. 

Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

Maintaining good eyesight goes beyond regular vision screening. It is important to realize that eye health and overall health go hand in hand. Many eye problems rarely exhibit symptoms until the condition is serious. Significant damage may have occurred by the time you realize that you have an eye problem. There are things that you can do to protect your vision and your overall health.

Process of Contact Lens Exam

An eye exam for contact lenses is just like the regular eye exam, only that there are a few extra steps. The contact lens exam is detailed to ensure that you get a proper and comfortable fit.

Digital Screen Protection: Blue Light Lenses

Even before the onslaught of the novel coronavirus pandemic, you have already been living in an increasingly digital world. From checking your Facebook newsfeed as soon as you wake up, binge-watching Netflix shows, playing video games, reading e-books on your tablet, and working on your computer all day long — electronic devices have become a sine qua non of your life.